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Hollywood Story: Fashion Star will provide players access to Hollywood stars’ most dramatic adventures and tales. Additionally, it enables players to develop into the finest actors, achieving renown and realizing their aspirations of leading careers as future stars. The gameplay and content will become even more fascinating as a result of the player’s progress unlocking numerous new features.



Hollywood Story’s simple storyline aims to help players begin living an exciting life as talented performers. They must continuously take part in various movies, engage with NPCs, finish challenging tasks, and accrue more fame or rewards over time. However, a few arbitrary components will show up in their professional lives, posing issues and difficulties in completing the task at hand.

Along with the career component, the player also needs to be aware of the factors relating to love, as an actor’s life frequently contains noteworthy dramas. However, players have a variety of tools at their disposal to keep everything in check and stabilize life or create a passionate and fulfilling love. Anyone can be a player’s lover, and there is plenty of information and depth in each for them to explore.



  • Make new friends, enjoy yourself with your pals, visit their homes, and watch their movies. Then share your accomplishments with the world!
  • Significant media attention comes with enormous celebrity! Paparazzi will be waiting in front of your house to capture your picture, so be ready for tabloid covers.
  • You’ll uncover breathtaking new locations and entertaining new features as you progress through the game! Visit Las Vegas, Manhattan, Beverly Hills, and more breathtaking locations!
  • It’s time to live the dream and mingle with the sexiest Hollywood celebrities at lavish gatherings held in far-off lands.
  • Make your own perfume, launch your own fashion line, and amass a massive following by becoming a true megastar!
  • Get to know the designers while donning a custom-made fashion gown!

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Download (135M)