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App NameYu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links
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Yu-Gi-Oh! In the game Duel Links, participants engage in speed duels. The match’s pace will pick up, but the combos will still be stunning and distinct. You will also be able to update their summoning strategies and decks at the same time. Additionally, depending on their luck, new cards can be unlocked when the number of resources is granted.



Players will discover a brand-new format in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links dubbed speed duel, and you can infer its characteristics from the name. It can be thought of as a format that gains the advantages of the conventional format while becoming speedier. The quick tempo of each game will also cause some field zones to change at the same time. The fun it gives cannot be ignored, despite the change.

Each player can only utilize up to 30 cards instead of 60 cards like in the conventional format, which is one of the modifications that players will notice in this game’s speed duel format. Additionally, the player’s life point will be 4000, and the monster, spell, and trap zones have been lowered from 5 to 3. The strategy for winning stays the same: either use the skill cards on the card to eliminate your opponent or take away all of their life points. There will be matches available against strong opposition.



Fans of the Yu-Gi-Oh anime won’t want to miss the Yu-Gi-Oh! worlds that are exclusive to that series. Battle Links. Both Sasaki Yuya and Yugi Muto from the first season of the show will be present. The kind of summoning you can perform from then on out is called a Pendulum Summon. With the introduction of new summoning techniques in the game, you will certainly develop utterly astonishing strategies.

As you visit several planets, such as Duel Monster and Arc-V, you’ll be able to find rivals. There will always be duelists you can meet and fight with because each globe has its own special charms and summons. In addition, each of them will have distinct skills that correspond to the level they hold, so you must choose your opponent carefully. You will also have the option to change into characters with special abilities.


You’ll be able to play the game to your advantage by using your character’s skills in addition to the deck that you spend time developing. You could consider it a factor if you swiftly choose talents to support your deck. You can also fully alter the characters you own at the same time. Many gamers adore the cutscene that appears when you choose a suitable character and summon their signature card.


In Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, you will be given a base deck to use in battle. You can also obtain diamonds by completing quests and in a variety of other ways. A handful of new decks will also be updated at the same time and made available to you for a limited period. From there, you can access booster packs with impressively rare opening rates or select your preferred deck. You’ll always have the chance to build powerful decks.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links v7.10.0 MOD APK (AutoPlay, Reveal Card, Show Monster) Download Latest

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